Automatically order the presidential suite online when the phone is charging? The reason is detected.
On October 7th, the problem of Ms. Jinhua Yang’s Apple mobile phone in Zhejiang made many people surprised: when using a non-original charger and a non-original charging cable, the mobile phone automatically opened the Ctrip APP, browsed the hotel room, and looked at it. Evaluation, almost ordered to order a million presidential suite…

This quite strange phenomenon is caused by the quality problem of mobile phone chargers, or is it implanted with malware? At present, the investigation of the public security department has made the latest progress.

Exclude the possibility of implanting the back door or being controlled

After the matter was reported by the media, the local public security department of Jinhua intervened in the investigation and took away the mobile phone and non-original charging equipment.

At noon on the 11th, the public security department announced the latest news that after the relevant security technicians tested the mobile phones, charging heads and data lines used by Ms. Yang, “the mobile phone is now excluded from being implanted in the back door or controlled through the data line. The possibility.”

The test also found that the charging head has high output voltage, instability, and high electromagnetic field, which may cause the screen of the charged mobile phone and the adjacent mobile phone to randomly jump in the case of unmanned operation.

Unqualified charger causes automatic screen operation

The information security experts who participated in the test throughout the process disclosed that the equipment being tested was an Apple mobile phone, a non-original charging head, and a non-original data line used by Ms. Yang.

According to experts, after 8 sets of tests, it is basically excluded that the mobile phone is implanted in the back door and the possibility of controlling the mobile phone through the USB data interface. “In the case of automatic screen operation, the main reason is that the charger is not qualified, resulting in a large number of pulse signals in the current, destroying the current of the capacitive screen, resulting in disordered automatic operation.”

Try to choose the original charging device

Although the possibility of implanting the back door or being controlled is ruled out, there is still doubt: in the video provided by Ms. Yang, there is a phenomenon that 4G mode is switched to 2G mode, and then returned to the album, and the order placed by Ms. Yang is ordered. , involves multiple steps, and seems to be logical.

In this regard, many industry professionals have similar views – these operations seem to be logical, in fact, due to voltage instability, but this situation is relatively rare, Ms. Yang, a large number of disorder The operation led to this seemingly logical phenomenon.

Experts said that after charging, the screen of the mobile phone is not controlled. It is because of the problem of the charger of the cottage, which causes the voltage of the charging to be unstable, causing the screen to jump. It is not a targeted malicious attack.

For the term “random operation of screen caused by pulse current”, the industry believes that to some extent, it is a small probability event, but because Apple users are hundreds of millions of scales, users who have such anomalies are not few. In fact, before Ms. Yang, the news of similar failures has been disclosed many times in China.

Experts suggest that you can avoid such problems by choosing a good quality original charging device. If you don’t have an original charger on hand, you can choose to charge the computer.

Experts are reminded to pay attention to the following points to reduce security risks:

1. Don’t use the untrusted charging interface (especially when you insert it, the prompt on the screen of the mobile phone needs to click “trust”);

2. Do not download the app in some untrusted application markets;

3. Do not connect some untrusted public WiFi.

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