Google India business revenue increased 30% year-on-year in FY18
According to the latest documents from the Indian Companies Registry, in the fiscal year ending March this year, Google’s Indian business revenue increased by approximately 30% from the previous fiscal year’s Rs. 72.89 billion (approximately RMB 6.758 billion). It has grown to 93.377 billion rupees (about 8.754 billion yuan). Its profit increased by 33% to INR 4,072 million (approximately RMB 382 million). In FY2017, its revenue increased by 22%.

The US technology giant has launched several Internet-related services and products, such as cloud computing services and other software. However, 69% of its revenue comes from advertising services that display ads next to search engines.

Marketers and advertising experts say that while Google and Facebook are vying for digital dominance, these two powerful ad platforms cater to different business needs. “Google and Facebook have an 80% share of the entire digital advertising industry.” Sam Balsara, chairman of McMadison Media Group, said, “The Indian digital advertising industry is growing faster than most countries. In the past five years, its annual growth rate has reached 30%. It is at the forefront of the digital revolution and popularization,” Balsala said.

According to the group’s “This Year, Next Year” report, in 2018, India’s digital advertising spending will increase by 30% to 123.37 billion rupees (about 11.563 billion yuan).

In India, most marketers vote for more than two-thirds of their digital advertising budget. However, Google’s Indian business revenues account for only about 1% of its total revenue. In the case of consumers using digital devices, less developed markets such as India are lagging behind developed countries. In India, the speed at which brands use digital media has been relatively slow. Traditional media still draws most of the country’s advertising budget. Although TV is currently the most popular advertising media in India, the growing market demand for smartphones and the increasing frequency of use of social media are driving advertisers to continue to choose traditional media while increasing the advertising budget for mobile devices.

In some emerging countries, such as India, Google has been working hard to create a streamlined, fast-loading search engine that allows users to quickly get answers and save on data charges. The Internet giant also launched a new product, Google Station, for the Indian Railways system. In June of this year, it announced that it has cooperated with RailTel, the telecommunications department of the Indian Railways, to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access at 400 subway stations in India.

Google also uses the data it collects from India to create targeted products. A year ago, it also launched Tez (now renamed Google Pay) mobile payment and business applications. The app now has 25 million active users. Due to the high cost of Internet access in India’s mobile network, Google allows Indian consumers to download videos offline.related articles china mobile.html